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  • MYT-100/380K, MYT-130/350K, MYT-150/320K, MYT-170/320K series II4 hydraulic Anchor , Anchor-rope rig

    Product performance and features:
    MYT-100/380K, MYT-130/350K, MYT-150/320K, MYT-170/320K series one-pump two-drill hydraulic Anchor Anchor-rope drilling rig, is the company to adapt to fast, anchor , Anchor-rope support at the same time drilling to achieve rapid support and research and development, leading in the domestic counterparts.?Its main feature is that one pump station can drive two rigs at the same time, with good drilling and crushing performance, good overload capacity, fast retracting leg device; fast drilling speed; good drilling quality, low noise, no pollution The power is single, the voltage change has no effect on the performance of the drilling rig; compared with the pneumatic drilling rig, the failure rate is low, the energy consumption is low, it is 1/4 to 1/3 of the pneumatic drilling machine, and the adaptability to the roadway section size is strong. The ideal equipment for the Anchor, Anchor-rope support in the tunnel.?It is a relatively advanced product in the hydraulic Anchor and Anchor-rope drilling rig. It is widely used by major domestic coal mines and is trusted and praised by users.

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